"SONGS & WHISPERS" cooperation with Folkwit records - What amazing promo news?!

NWZ Online: Article about Rein @ Centraltheater Brake

GONNE CHOI article about the CIRCUIT tour in the biggest Korean newspaper

CIRCUIT 01/2013 (11.01. - 03.02.2013)

The first days

Tourdiary CIRCUIT 01/2013

Oberneuland Magazin: Article about TRACKS FOR FANS #2 with Gonne Choi and Axel Kruse

"TRACKS FOR FANS" - #2 by GONNE CHOI & AXEL KRUSE, Friday 11.01.2103

Daisy Chapman: UK release through Folkwit Records - on January the 21st!

GONNE CHOI essay for Korean portal NAVER

Cellesche Zeitung: Article about Joyce The Librarian and Jan Pecher Trio @ Kunst & Bühne

Nordsee Zeitung: Article about Joyce the Librarian and Ciaram Granger @ Lebenslust Bremerhaven

INMUSIC: Review of JOYCE THE LIBRARIAN - '''They May Put Land Between US''

Nordsee Zeitung: Article about Ciaram Granger @ Café de Fiets/ Bremerhaven